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What is it?

Real GreebleZ! adds greebles structures and nurnie objects to Realsoft 3D's SDS objects. Check out the gallery for a few examples.


Undo and Redo fully implemented.

Includes manual and beginning tutorial.

Real GreebleZ! keeps track of several groups of faces including a user settable group.

Dynamic Min/Max sliders provide an intuitive approach to control the randomness that is behind all of what Real GreebleZ! does.

Options at all stages of creation for selection of faces to be operated on.

Five nurnie objects and facility for a user-defined nurnie object.

Modular interface; only controls for activated processes are displayed.

Buttons to perform individual operations corresponding to each section of the Real GreebleZ! interface.

Nurnies are placed in separate levels to make adding materials easy.

New in this release v0.631:

Nurnie undefined attribute error when no object named "user_nurnie" was present; even when not set to "user copy" or "user instance" fixed.

Fixed a face selecton bug that caused only the original face in the subdivide operation to be considered in the subsequent extrude operation when invoked with the GreebleiZe! button.

Release notes v0.63:

Cylinder and cone nurnies are placed correctly with regard to altitude and vertical size.

Release notes v0.625:

Realsoft crashing upon clicking GreebleiZe! under Windows, fixed.

Release notes v0.62:

User Nurnies can be instances as well as copies. In the case of instances, the nurnies in a given level are linked to a master nurnie in that same level, providing individual control of each level group of nurnies.

Decimal places now match user's preference setting.

Floating point-type settings now have intuitively scaled-roller input gadgets.

Selection of what group of faces to leave selected after each operation.

New face selection option for nurnie additions added by way of the GreebleiZe! button.

Additional checks and user readable error messages implemented.

Fixed several minor bugs relating to face selection.

See this page to find out why Real GreebleZ! is totally useless ; )

Copyright (c) 2007 Real Greeblez! All rights reserved.